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The tagline on the website says it all...Even sad moments can be beautiful. I would like to commend Imes Funeral Home on their professionalism and kindness shown to me and my family during the passing of my mom. My mom passed away on January 19, 2020 and to this day I am still receiving comments on what a beautiful service it was and how nice things were. Imes went above and beyond to show my family they truly cared about us. I was devastated and still am at the passing of my mom, the service that Imes provided made it all a little easier to bear. I recommend them as top notch in what they do.

Denise Paige

March 03, 2020

Imes Funeral Home & Crematory recently took care of my aunt's funeral arrangements. We have always used a different funeral home in Murray but a friend of my mom's recommended we use the Heritage Chapel of Imes. It was, by far, the best funeral I've attended. The Heritage Chapel, with it's large rooms and wide hallways was perfect for our large family. Matt and Wendy went out of their way to make us feel comfortable and went the extra mile in everything. Every detail was handled with compassion and class. When we walked up and saw my aunt for the first few seconds, many of them were speechless at how perfect she looked. I wanted to let you guys know that the work you do makes a difference. Thank You, Melinda Johnson

Melinda Johnson

March 03, 2020

Just wanted to say that the Imes Funeral Home did a wonderful job with my son Jason Darrell Burkeen . The service was so sweet and it was wonderful how many people came out to honor Jason . You all were so professional and caring. Sammy did a great job in answering our questions and being there for us. It was really sweet as we were leaving Matt came out and gave me a hug and it meant a lot. Kenny and the family and I go back a long way and I was so pleased with the service.They really care and that means a lot too. Thanks so much. Terie Burkeen Frederick

Terie Burkeen-Frederick

January 27, 2020

We were blown away by the care and professionalism of Imes Funeral Home Pet Cremation services. Our Weeza was 16 years old. We picked up her remains at Westside Vet and received a beautiful wooden decorative box with a nameplate engraved with Weeza. There was also a card with wildflowers to plan to remind us of her each year and a certificate that said she was handled with respect. Thank you so much!

Glenda Rainbolt

January 13, 2020

This was the last memory I had of my father. You all made it perfect

Helson Family

July 16, 2016

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