Imes Funeral Home and Crematory has been serving Murray area families for years. We are honored to be a part of the rich history of this community and plan to be a part of it for many years to come.

Imes Funeral Home and Crematory, at 311 North 4th Street in Murray began on September 7, 1901 in Almo under the ownership and direction of John Milton Imes in the upstairs portion of his general store in Almo. The Kentucky State Board, upon its inception in 1912, licensed Mr. Imes.

Milton’s son, L.W. “Whitt” Imes, who was also a licensed undertaker, succeeded Milton Imes in 1933. Whitt Imes owned and operated the funeral business in Almo until 1946 when he sold the business to Max H. Churchill who then moved the business to the corner of 5th and Elm Street in Murray and renamed it ‘Max H. Churchill Funeral Home’. Max Churchill’s father, James Horace Churchill, had been in the undertaking business in Murray since 1886 having succeeded his father, John Edward Churchill, who began his undertaking business building and selling coffins in 1847 in the Pottertown Community on the east side of Calloway County.

Max H. Churchill moved his funeral home to 311 North 4th Street in Murray in 1950 after having purchased the McElrath home and remodeling it for use as a funeral home. Max Churchill owned and operated the funeral home until his death in 1985 when Johnny Miller of Miller Funeral Home in Hazel purchased the business. Mr. Miller owned and operated the funeral home until its sale in 1993. The funeral home was reacquired by the family in 2001 when Kenneth Churchill and Mary Beth Imes purchased the business and renamed it Imes-Miller Funeral Home to reflect its rich heritage of dedication and commitment to Murray and Calloway County families. An offsite crematory was added to expand service options in 2001. In addition to the Fourth Street location, the Heritage Family Funeral Home on the 121 North Bypass was purchased in 2002.

In 2004, Kenny and Mary Beth’s son, John Beale Imes, became licensed and joined the funeral home full-time representing the 6th generation of the Churchill family and 4th generation of the Imes family dedicated to serving the families of Murray and Calloway County. In 2014, Richard Matthew Imes, son of Kenny and Mary Beth, and his wife, Wendy, purchased the funeral home operating both locations, downtown Murray and the Heritage Chapel, under its new name, Imes Funeral Home and Crematory.

The staff of Imes Funeral Home and Crematory, Kenny and Mary Beth Imes, John Beale Imes, Richard Matthew and Wendy Imes, Sammy Cunningham, Timothy Young and Danny and Kim Sims is proud of its reputation of offering a finer service, a fairer price and a friendlier staff to the families it serves.

Imes Funeral Home and Crematory is not affiliated with the J.H. Churchill Funeral Home.

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